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According to the Office for National Statistics, as of June 16, 2020, the UK unemployment rate was 3.9% – the lowest in a year, with 92% of people with paid employment.
One of the highest employment rates in Europe is the United Kingdom (even with Brexit!) And the G7 countries.
If you are unemployed, this figure does not appeal to you very much but it highlights the fact that you have a very high probability of getting a job.


How can we help you get a job today?
We can help you get a job in 30 days or less. We all have a commitment from you.

If your next life depends on it, then be prepared to look at your next job as aggressively as possible.

Throw everything to get it. May be closer than you think.

With the application of the right tools, strategy, networking, UK job search portal, CV writing, interview skills and our guide to getting the job done, we firmly believe that you will give the best shot for your job search. And success is guaranteed.
There is substantial employment in the UK (there are over half a million vacancies waiting to be filled by the right candidates across the country). I remember. You may not find the right type of job role that you are looking for. Start with whatever offers you get and then work your way up to the UK of your dreams.
Follow our guide. Search for this free online job resource. Upload your resume and allow employers to find you. Go to every single recruitment website in the list of top UK employers and search for any vacancies and submit a custom made application for a specific job that suits your skills. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Also, get the top tips to recreate to win a job. Your job should now be to get a job in the UK. We are here to help you.

Your presence on this site is a clear statement of purpose that you are determining to get a job in the UK.

Use all the resources here. Start networking. Get your biography right.


Are you new to the UK? Why not compare your overseas qualifications and equivalent in the UK. We have not only made suggestions on how to write killer resumes for jobs in the UK, but also include medical, nursing and other resumes such as free sample general resumes and specialist resumes. Follow our tips and guides.

See and read the report for yourself about the skills shortage in the UK job market on its UK Skill Crisis page.

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We sincerely hope that this site has proved useful to get your dream job in the UK.

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